Instant Payment

There are 2 particular websites that are go-to’s for me when I have a need for instant money and those are Rewards1 or Prizerebel.

Unlike most earning sites where you have to reach a high amount of points or wait a few days for cashout, the above sites you can check your Paypal and the payment arrives in seconds.

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Bear in mind, most sites have a preliminary short verification period to check if you are a trustworthy member and Rewards1 one is no different, so after you sign up and get your first 500 points you can expect your $5 Paypal within a few hours but after that the following cashout’s take seconds.

As I mentioned in another page, Rewards1 has a great chat feature and they have really friendly Mods and Admins, don’t hesitate to message ‘Blue’, ‘Rain’, ‘Dotti’ or ‘KingEagle’ if you need help.

Helpful Admin’s

Now on to my second favorite website for immediate Paypal payment during the lockdown and that is Prizerebel, I have in fact been a member there 2 years and reached the Diamond level. The reason I put PR as second place is they aren’t as quick on first payment as Rewards1 and you have to reach 5000 points to get instant payouts (Gold Level).

Prizerebel has the same popular survey sites as Rewards1 such as Your-surveys and Samplicious and maybe a few more offerwalls such as Adgem but less API surveys as R1.

The minimum cashout for your first time is 1000 points ($10) but after that you only need 500 points ($5). Besides Paypal you can also reedem Prepaid Visa/Mastercards or gift cards such as Google Play.

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