Best Rewards

This page is to recommend the rewards sites which offer the best prizes and which pay the most, I will regularly be updating it as I am always finding new opportunities online which allow me to earn easily and remotely.

Firstly I want to recommend my favorite site out of all of the sites I am using to make money during the lockdown and that is Rewards1.

There are many reasons why Rewards1 is my number 1 go to daily for extra bucks including the fact that you can quickly get $5-10 via Paypal from the first day you sign up.

The main way to earn on this site is through the Your-surveys and Samplicio surveys but they have many others and offerwalls where you can earn quicker for doing trials. I have been using ‘R1’ for nearly 2 years now on a daily basis and pulling in a steady $15 a day as I have a lot of free time.

The great thing about R1 is it is an earning platform and a social network rolled into one! There is a long time crew of familiar faces chatting throughout the day in the side bar including admin and veterans as the site is over 12 years old, I have made great friends who also taught me how to earn more online.

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